Monday, April 17, 2023


 Good quote from Charles C. W. Cooke in his latest newsletter:

In practice, “diversity” means people who look different but all think the same thing; “equity” means equal outcomes achieved by government force; and “inclusion” means prioritizing and protecting groups that progressives like. So it is here. In its modern context, “inclusive” has begun to resemble those “COEXIST” bumper stickers that you see on Subarus: Nominally, the message applies to a whole host of disparate groups; practically speaking, it’s aimed at just one.

Boils it down quite nicely. 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Hit and run or lazy journalism?

– A XXXXX woman critically injured in a hit-and-run crash last month has died from her injuries.

The State Patrol says that 33-year-old XXXXXXXX was driving with her daughter on XXXXXX Rd March 7th when a motorcycle tried to pass her.

XXXXXXXXX ended up hitting two concrete barriers and was ejected from the car.

The motorcyclist left the scene and has not been identified.

This is pretty horrible for the family and I feel bad for her but thought I'd make some observations on the standard of journalism I see here.

1) It's not a hit and run if no one hit you before they ran.  Having ridden a motorcycle for many years I think we can be relatively confident that if the motorcyclist had actually hit the car, the rider would be the one with injuries, not the car driver.

2) In support of item 1), the motorcycle tried to pass here, she hit two concrete barriers.  How exactly did the motorcyclist force her to hit two concrete barriers?  My guess is she panicked and swerved.  A friend of mine swerved to avoid a car that suddenly moved into his lane and hit someone else.  Another friend swerved into the commuter lane when a driver cut in front of him and jammed on the brakes.  Another friend swerved to avoid a car which cut him off and dumped his motorcycle.  In each and every case my friends were found at fault because there had been no contact between them and the vehicles that actually caused the accident.

3) How was she "ejected" from the car?  Not wearing a seatbelt?  

Without more details hard to tell but this just seems like sloppy and/or lazy journalism.  Print what the state patrol tells you and don't ask questions.  I wasn't even sure that I wanted to post this since the family lost their mother, but it was really bugging me just as an exercise in definitions and good journalism.

And maybe I'm wrong.  So there's that.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Collection: Singer Model 66 (The machine that started it all)

Singer Model 66

Serial: AB723695

Date: 1927

Purchased: So this is the treadle that I found on the side of the road with a free sign, down in Vancouver, WA while visiting a buddy.  Stopped to look at the free treadle cabinet and discovered that there was a sewing machine inside.  Didn't sew, didn't have a sewing machine, but that was too cool to pass by.  Now I sew (occasionally) and collect (too much) and am involved in the collecting world (quite a bit).

On this machine I have made Christmas gift bags and pillowcases.  I plan to make more as time goes on.  This machine will not leave the collection no matter what happens to all the other stuff.  It sits in my living room and I can't believe I hadn't add it to this list yet.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Collection: Durkopp TS

Durkopp TS

Serial: 2198


Decals: Daisy

Purchased: Aladdin Antiques 2/2023 $50

Rare machine, only found one other picture and no information.  Resembles a couple F&R TSH (Transverse Shuttle Hybrid) models from between 1916 and 1924 but not exactly.

Missing lock from case.  Latch on front of machine torn out of base.  Bobbin winder hold down spring plate (not sure of its official name but it presses on the thread as the bobbin winds, presumably to keep thread tension) broken off.  I have the mechanism but the casting broke where it is attached with a pin.  Doesn't affect sewing and might not affect bobbin winding.  Haven't tried yet.

Did a little cleaning and oiling and it spins very smoothly.  Looking forward to sewing something on this.

Collection: Seawol Sew Magic

Seawol Sew Magic badged, Deluxe 15 clone

Serial GH14496S


Purchased: Aladdin Antiques 2/2023 $30

Japanese made Singer Model 15 clone with Juki parts inside.  Found another on Worthpoint badged as Universal, identical decals.  Theirs had a manual but all the 15 clones pretty much work the same so...

Collection: Free Sewing Machine Company, Model C

Free Sewing Machine Company, Model C

Serial: C217091


Purchased: Penny Lane Antiques, 2/2023 $12.99

Rotoscillo operating mechanism, missing bobbin shuttle and front slide plate but Free used Singer design parts for both.  Plate replaced with spare from stock, shuttle will be replaced later.

Collection: Singer Model 115

Singer Model 115

Serial: G4373206

Date: 1915 St John's

Decals: Wings (aka Cthulu)

Purchased: Aladdin Antiques 2/2023 $85.   Decal set only appeared on 115 machines.