Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Double standards (it never stops)

So Sheriff Clarke (black conservative) calls some (race baiting hustler) commentator (also black) a jigaboo. Not exactly sure what that is and i can't be bothered to look it up. However the leftists are, predictably, up in arms about the name calling and the ad hominem attacks. Funny how I completely missed the media storm when United States Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, was called a house n**** on Twitter last week.

The good sheriff and all other conservatives should know, however, that we will be held to a completely different standard than the left, so not only is it not a good debate tactic to throw out ad hominem attacks,  it probably is a bad idea just from a "giving ammunition to the enemy" perspective.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Range test, 45ACP

Picked up a Springfield 1911 Loaded a bit ago.  Really enjoy shooting it and it's an easy carry.  Been picking up a box here and a box there to build up my ammo supplies and thought I'd try a range day to see if any of them were noticeably better.

Four types of ammunition, all 230 grain, all JHP except for the Federal HST.  Sig Sauer, Winchester White Box, Speer Lawman, and Federal HST +P.

So the one on the left is a single magazine of each type, offhand, mostly for practice not for testing. The one on the right is two of each, two handed. As you can see the Sig Sauer (bottom right) is significantly more scattered than all the rest. I wasn't expecting that to be honest. I'd have assumed that Sig would be making high quality ammo. The other three seem to be about the same (if you ignore the low 3 o'clock of the Federal, that was me).

The only problem I had with any of them was that one of my magazines (the unmarked one) wouldn't fully chamber the first round every single time. I use the slide release which some say can be problematic, but I had no issues with the three other magazines (1 Colt, 2 Wilson Combat) so I suspect the magazine. It is out of the rotation.

Stand by for more later when I compare my Ruger KP345 to my Springfield 1911.

Monday, January 2, 2017

A couple fun tidbits from today's browsing

Thing 1:  Best comment, from discussion on Althouse

Jupiter said...

It must be really frustrating, being Dean Baquet.

First you and the people working for you report fairly and honestly on Donald Trump, pointing out that he is a three-headed demon from Hell who eats Mexican babies for breakfast and made his fortune trading slaves. And he attacks you as brazen partisan hacks. Then, you and the people working for you report fairly and honestly on Hillary Clinton, pointing out that she seldom walks on water before Noon, and many of the people she has raised from the dead still lack adequate housing. And Donald Trump attacks you as brazen partisan hacks. You just can't win with this guy!

Thing 2: Best tweet sequence of the year