Monday, August 24, 2020

The prospects of winning the next American Revolution

 From Sarah Hoyt:

And don’t tell me we can rebel and fight. Guys, we can’t go to the store without masks.

The average person will, it seems, do whatever they are told by the government for whatever reason, so long as it is spun as being for everyone's safety.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Privilege - an alternative view

 But it’s not a sin to be born white in a historically white country. It’s not a sin for a society to build structures that privilege its members–on the contrary, that’s the very purpose of society. It’s not a sin for parents to privilege their children–again, that’s the very purpose of parents. Neither is it a sin to actually benefit from such privilege–rather, we should be grateful for it.

Another gem from Weka at Dark Brightness

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Telling the truth

From The Catallaxy Files:

I say it would be a good thing if voters – yes, voters; it sounds almost antiquated, doesn’t it? – were told the truth. The truth is coronavirus cannot be “eliminated,” lockdowns do not work but only postpone a resurgence of “cases” (very few of which will be fatal) and democratic society as we know it cannot continue if the state – qua yo-yo master – imprisons entire populations to save fewer lives than are lost in a single weekend on our roads. At some point – sooner would be better – exterminating liberty, wealth and the rule of law because of a prideful desire to snatch victory from the jaws of idiocy will be called off. “Some day this war’s gonna end,” Colonel Kilgore sadly tells Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. The Kilgores are still running the campaign, though whether they actually believe in the hopeless cause or just love the smell of relevance in the morning is impossible to tell. Either way, my point is this: there is no better time than now to weaken the authority of the state by exposing reactionary fallibility dictatorially sandbagged.

Via Dark Brightness 

Really just a repost of what Weka posted over at Dark Brightness but it says as well or better than I could exactly what I've been preaching since sometime in April.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The ability to hold two contradictory views simultaneously

From a friendly acquaintance who I have known for some years.  Both these statements occurred during the same conversation, separated by about fifteen minutes.

Statement 1: I'm wearing this mask because I am over seventy and therefore high risk and my wife has severe immune disorders and if she catches COVID then she will probably die.

Statement 2: I'm wearing this mask for you, not for me.

Other than to mention that I am extremely low risk, very healthy, in good shape, with no underlying conditions that could cause problems, no further comment.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rhetorical extortion (rhextortion)

One of my frustrations when in a discussion with someone is the difficulty of challenging logical fallacies.  It is easy to get sidetracked into a discussion of the fallacy and off the topic.  A good example is from our recent "fun with the Wuhan virus" has been "medical professionals are all saying".  Many of them may be but it is hard to counter this unless you happen to have  your own list of medical professionals lined up in the wings ready to go.

Oliver Traldi, who I've never knowingly read before and am not sure what else he has done, has come up with a new, interesting term based on what recently happened with the letter to Harper's calling for freer discussion of ideas. 

Rhextortion: Intentionally misinterpreting someone's word in order to prevent them from speaking.

Hopefully everyone is familiar with the basic structure of logic where P and Q represent statements (which may be true or false, that is irrelevant to the discussion).  From the article:
When someone prevents you from saying P on the grounds that someone else might interpret it as meaning Q, you haven’t been prevented from saying Q. You’ve been prevented from saying P. A realist has to assume that the goal, therefore, is to prevent people from saying P. 
I'll let you read the article for more.  It's short, well written, and informative.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Save North Cascades Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson (Corporate) is shutting down our local dealer.  Next nearest dealer, 60 miles south.  Meanwhile there are multiple dealers in Seattle.

BMW did this a few years ago and BMW owners had to travel to Seattle to get their bikes worked on.  I talked to several people who had actually decided to either sell their BMW or not buy a new one because it was such a hassle to get anything done to it.

In an attempt to change the minds of the decision makers at Harley Davidson I started a petition as well as a website to promote Harley's contact information.

Appreciate any visits and support for the cause.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Police reform

Some years ago I heard an interesting proposal on a podcast.  I have no idea where I heard it so can't give credit where credit is due, but I wonder if anyone is thinking seriously about this strategy.

Require all police officers to purchase their own liability insurance.  Each officer would be given a stipend based on the cost of said insurance for an applicant with a "clean" record.  Anything above that amount comes out of the officer's pocket.  If an officer is perceived as a bad risk by the insurance companies, their price would presumably increase.  A really bad cop would not be able to afford the premiums and officers would have an incentive to minimize those behaviors which increased their liability costs.

No idea if this is realistic or even possible but it seemed like an interesting idea when I first heard it and seems even more interesting now.