Wednesday, July 31, 2019

So, do you think those boys could sing?

The Beach Boys, vocals only on Wouldn't It Be Nice, from the Pet Sounds Sessions.  You don't have to be a Beach Boys fan but this is worth a listen.  Amazing harmonies.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Five days without (mostly) internet

I did check email periodically, mostly to see if there were any organizational or business emails that needed to be addressed.

More importantly no politics, no browsing, no looking stuff up.

Five days on the motorcycle and in a camp site that didn't have service.

Other than being somewhat dirty when I got home, it was quite nice.  Now I am back on the internet but not feeling the need to actually browse around.  Huh.  Maybe I need to take these breaks more often.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

AKA "Strip Poor Countries of Their Best and Brightest" Act

As I've said before, I think we have enough people for now.  I think we need a moratorium on immigration in order to allow those here to assimilate.  The percentage of foreign born population is as high as it was 100 years ago.  In 1970 it had dropped to about 4% due to a moratorium that started in (I think) the twenties.

However, our needs aside, is it ethical to strip poor countries of their best and brightest?  Are they likely to become decent countries if we have hundreds of thousands of their motivated and smart people here?  Do I care?  Not particularly, I just wonder if the immigrationists have thought about that.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Cause for concern?

Read a few articles recently about Antifa either learning to shoot or starting to arm themselves, having already had some experience.  The latest is here.


I have carried for defensive purposes for about thirty years.   Never had to display or fire my sidearm.  Carried a Ruger Security Six for quite a few years, most recently upgraded to a 1911.  I try to go to the range two or three times a year, some years more often, infrequently less.   I practice drawing and dry firing using Massad Ayoob's eight point system. I know the law, I know the tips, I am comfortable with my firearms.  I would consider myself adequately prepared in the event of a situation.

Antifa, however, has a history of initiating violent attacks, generally anonymously and generally from ambush.  In spite of what you may be reading in the media about how Antifa's violence is in response to  the alt-right and white supremacist violence, this is patently untrue.  Antifa initiated the violence in Charlotte, NC by throwing bricks at the marchers.  Antifa routinely attacked people arriving and leaving Trump rallies during the election.  Rarely were any of them prosecuted and rarely did the police step in.

In Charlotte the police routed marchers through an Antifa protest and during the Trump rallies the police in many cities had a policy of stand back and ignore.  Other situations were treated similarly when Antifa attacked people arriving for various right wing events.  Inauguration ball attendees were attacked with acid; Proud Boys had urine filled bottles thrown at them and then were physically attacked after a Republican party event in NYC (which has resulted in no Antifa arrests but multiple PB arrests and charges). You may have heard of "bike lock guy" who would dart out of a crowd of masked Antifa members, hit someone with a U-lock, and then hide in the crowd.  He put a man in hospital with brain injuries and received community service when he was identified through video.

This history becomes more troubling when reports start to surface of Antifa groups arming and training themselves.  The one that sticks in my mind is the Socialist Rifle Association but there seem to be many more.  These people have a right to keep and bear arms (although it is interesting that they choose to exercise this right given the outright hostility of the left and the Democratic party to that right, apparently it is acceptable so long as the "correct" people are armed.) but given the media's lack of interest in their violent activity (and given that when the media is not disinterested they actively support Antifa) is isn't much of a stretch to assume that given any violent altercation between Antifa and, for example, me, I won't receive much sympathy or coverage of my side of the story from any of the mainstream media.  Antifa is going to shoot people, I think that's a given.  The media is going to explain to us how, as they have done for all the other violent assaults perpetrated by Antifa, it was really the fault of the other group for provoking the violence, and left leaning prosecutors will prosecute those who defend themselves but not Antifa members.

The pattern is already set given the narrative and actions of media and prosecutors over the past two years, the only question is who dies and who goes to jail.  Antifa is edging is towards a new civil war and it will be ugly if it happens.  Local and state governments could have prevented this by cracking down on the violence of Antifa from the start but they were sympathetic to their goals and chose to overlook and excuse the violence.  Now it may be too late.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Careful with that axe, Eugene

Sitting in math class and we hear screaming from down the hall.  Not "someone is attacking us" screaming, just loud yelling.  Figured it was the special ed department.  Didn't really disturb my class too much.  We all looked up, laughed a bit, and moved on.

Come to find out that it was another math teacher who, with a class full of low performing students, tried a little primal scream therapy on a day when they were actually working pretty hard but struggling with a concept.  It worked.  They loosened up and then went back to work.

I, however, took the opportunity to expose my students to some different music.  I usually play a mixture of classic rock, country, and classical, being careful to select music that will not distract and will be school appropriate.

On that day I played Careful With that Axe, Eugene.  I told them that the screaming reminded me of a song, told them it was Pink Floyd, and set it going.

Which then reminded me of how good the first disc of Ummagumma (pronounced with long u sounds and short a sounds).  The second disc is absolute crap and in digging around as to the whys and wherefores I found a note that mentioned that each artist was given 1/4 of a record to do whatever they wanted.  Result, Ummagumma Disc 2.  Disc 1 is, however, good enough that I went out and bought a vinyl copy of the album, just to listen to the first half.  I suspect that I will never take the second disc out of its sleeve.

Takeaways: Some students thought it was really funny; some students thought it was really good; I reminded myself of some of the outstanding music that is out there.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

McLeod's Daughters (A review)

Just clicked on the Tubi app on my Sony BluRay player.  Had some decent stuff for free (with a few adverts) so started watching.  Stumbled across McLeod's Daughters, an Australian TV series that ran for a few seasons about fifteen years ago and decided to watch.  I like westerns and this seemed western-ish so why not.

First off, decent acting, decent plot.  Father dies, daughter running ranch just north of Adelaide (they don't say this but it's where it was filmed).  Half sister, out of the picture for twenty years since her mother walked out on father, shows up to claim her half of ranch and wants to sell.  Of course daughter running ranch doesn't have money to buy her out (that's how ranching works) and doesn't want to sell her home.  So far, not bad.

It rapidly declines from there, though.

First, the three hands are stealing gas.  They are confronted and fired and instead of acting like men they whine (whinge in Australian) about how they have to be given three warnings and two weeks notice or some such blather.  The five girls (two sisters, housekeeper, housekeeper's daughter, and other girl who happens to be there) all mount up and ride around the ranch looking all cowboy-ish.  We don't need no men is clearly the message.  Gurrl power!

Second, falling behind in shearing the sheep, the head shearer challenges the main (female) character to do better.  When he loses the challenge they all quit and leave in the middle of the job.  The girls buckle down to finish the job before dawn when the buyer will supposedly arrive.  More gurrl power!

Third, the one that comes back and helps them finish is ... (you guessed it) gay.  The rumor was that he had murdered his family and he lets the rumor spread so that he won't have to tell people he is gay.  Gay power!

Oh, by the way, during "second" the men whistle and hoot every time a girl shows up looking good. Short shorts, tank tops, etc.

So I am two episodes in and the whole show appears to be about how all these girls can run a ranch without the help of men, unless those men happen to be gay.  Plus the men are all pigs.  Except for the gay one.

I have no problem at all with women running a ranch or doing other sundry stuff by themselves.  What I am not interested in is being lectured to about how men are pigs and really the women are better off by themselves.  This one is so blatantly in-your-face social justice/gay and gurrl power that it just isn't interesting. They have probably lost me after two episodes which is too bad, since I am always looking for interesting shows.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Good advice for young people

Marry early, have a family, stay close to home, go to Church, and live modestly.

Dark Brightness

Don't know what else he has to say but I'll be delving in over time. Thanks to Adam over at Pushing Rubber for the reference.