Sunday, November 5, 2017

The hiking mixup

A friend told me about a great hike.  There's a fire service lookout tower at the top of the hike and it has incredible views.  It's such a fun hike.

Grab my NW Trails book and find "Lookout Mountain" so off I go.  As usual, I hike with a hydration pack, energy bars and assorted trail food, Kabar knife, emergency blanket, matches and lighter, firestarter, jacket in addition to what I am wearing.  I am pretty serious about not being "that guy" if something happens.

OK, nice steep beginning but that's OK.  I'm in decent shape.

Only it doesn't stop being steep.

I'm taking it fairly easy but it is a tough go.  Started out right behind a younger couple, felt bad passing them as I didn't want to go zooming by and then get passed right back when I realized that I was overdoing it.  Stopped a couple times to let them get ahead, but every time I started walking again I would catch them within five minutes.  Eventually just passed and never saw them again, so I assume they turned around.

Nice scenery.  If you like treed mountainsides.  Nothing in the way of views, but I do need to get up to the top where the tower and the great views are, so I keep climbing. 

Finally, I might be getting near the top.

Never mind.  It's just a clearing, and now, I keep going up.

After about two hours of climbing I realize that not only is it snowing/raining but I am starting to get tired enough to stumble on roots and rocks, and I have no idea when this hike might actually top out.  Not only that, it is snowing/raining which means that there most likely won't be any views at the top anyway. 

Discretion being the better part of valor I turn around and head back down to the car.  Two other people signed in after me but I never saw them, so presumably they started up and didn't make it as far as me before they decided this wasn't the place or the time.

Complained to my friend about the horrible, straight-up-the-mountain hike and he looked at me like I was crazy.  "No, the Hidden Lake hike is really nice and pretty easy".


Wrong lookout tower.  Needed to go another couple miles up the same road.  Maybe next year cause now it's cold and snowy.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Fountain Pen Day

Levenger Truewriter Teal fountain pen, bonded leather journal, crystal glass with Cruzan Number 9 rum.

A writing experience that will ruin you for ordinary pens.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

On starting your own business

From Chris, a commenter at National Review Online:

Just gets funnier the longer you read.
Matt, one great thing about America is when you decide you can make the jump, you can become self-employed! Then you can keep all the profits you can scramble! And pay your own insurance and taxes (remember that FICA is now 15.3% since you are employer and employee!) and costs and licensing and fees and regulatory charges and accounting costs and legal costs and filing fees. But after that, boy, the profit is all yours! And the hours! All you have to do is work half days! And the beauty is that it's your schedule, so you can choose whichever 12 hours to work that you want! And no worries about that sad sack messing up your work while you're on vacation! If you're not there, it won't get done at all! Yessir, those self-employed guys all have it made, socking away sacksfull of dough while lounging by the pool!
 I have my own business (sort of).  It's a long story that I won't go into here.  I will say that as well as being amusing, this hits home.  I have, when business was good, worked seven days a week for five months in a row, with a total of two days off.  I have, when business was slow, not worked for three months.  For me it was OK because my business was supplemental, but one of the things that kept me from making the jump to doing it full time was the slow months.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to make ends meet if I didn't work for several months in a row, with no guarantee that being full time would translate to having business during those months.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Che Guevara Dead Day, 50th Anniversary

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the death of Che Guevarra, psychotic mass murderer who has spawned thousands of offensive t-shirts worn by leftist ignoramuses who don't know history and leftists who think he was right.

Oh, and one awesome t-shirt which I don't have but probably should:

Thanks to Not Clauswitz for letting me know that it is happening.  Party time.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Why the Cynical Libertarian should have an RSS feed

So the reality is that he probably does.  He just doesn't do much to publicize it.  Ironically, he posted this:

I had heard of him but never listened or read anything he'd posted up, mostly just because of internet and podcast overload.  The other day he and Adam Piggot did a podcast to fill in for Captain Capitalism while Cappy was on vacation.  He was interesting enough that I thought I'd listen to some of his podcasts.

So off to Pocket Casts.  Add podcast, search "Cynical Libertarian".  Nothing. Jump over to his website and then search "Stating the Obvious".  Nothing.  Tried various permutations, still nothing.

Back to the website.  There is a Stitcher link where you can directly download the podcasts but then again, CL had this to say in his post:

I am not going to visit 150 sites every day to see if they have posted something new. I am not going to check 101 podcast sites to see if they have uploaded a new podcast and if so manually download it.
Fair enough.  Me neither so he must have a proper RSS feed somewhere.  So I clicked on Podcasts and found yet another page where I could either listen or download each edition.

Then he had this to say:

SoundCloud is shit. If you use SoundCloud please find your RSS URL and post a link to it.
So why am I posting this.  Well, I can't seem to find an email or a comment link anywhere on his page (admittedly I haven't checked every single page on his site) but I'm hoping he'll get a trackback ping, read this post and then, perhaps find his RSS URL and post a conspicuous link to it.

Somewhere where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.

Logic v emotion

Logic: Schools have been completely redesigned over the past thirty to forty years to benefit the learning style of girls (cooperative group work versus individual work). 

Logic: Girls make up almost 60% of college students (or perhaps that is college students who graduate with degrees, I can't remember).

Emotion: But I had a professor in college physics who said that I would probably fail because I was a girl.

Not sure how one anecdotal data point about someone who clearly was ignorant about statistics and the concept of averages regardless of how brilliant he may have been in physics refutes decades of changing educational philosophy.

Reality?  Girls are on average worse at math and science and better at things involving interpersonal relationships.  Boys are on average better at math and science and worse at things involving interpersonal relationships.  Try having that discussion with a girl. 

Whoops, of course I meant to say an average girl.

Why can't I say Paki?

The Kurds come from Kurdistan, the Afghans from Afghanistan, the Uzbeks from Uzbekistan, etc.

So why have I been told all my life that Paki is a racial slur for people from Pakistan.

Enlighten me.