Sunday, July 29, 2018

Making progress

More garage cleaning, more stuff on craigslist for free.  Just so it is gone.

Interesting that there seem to be an increasing number of people who just collect free stuff.  I posted up a motorcycle wheel chock, a Harley front spoked wheel, and four trailer wheels.  All taken by people who appeared to have no interest in motorcycles, Harleys, or trailers.  Sounds like they will then try to resell or scrap the parts.  Works for me since I would have to pay to take them to the dump and/or the metal recyclers and not sure I would have made back the cost of gas for going to the recycle place.

Meanwhile, reorganized the garage today so that the bikes are accessible.  The middle one is now running (woohoo).  Need to pick up some screws to hold the air cleaner in place, then I am going to take it for a ride and make sure it keeps running (hopefully not dying far from my house).  It is going up for sale but not until I ...

Use the carburetor bank to see if I can get my other CBR running.  I had sent out the carbs to Wired George in Texas and when they came back there were issues.  Thing one, the bike didn't run and was overflowing gas.  When I took the carb bank apart I discovered that one of the needle jets wasn't in place so that bowl wasn't shutting off.  Pretty sloppy.  Thing two, when I fixed that and put it all back together, it still didn't run.  Thinking now that since the parts bike (pictured) is running I'll swap out the carbs and see if the keeper bike (not pictured but in much nicer condition) then runs.  That will tell me something.  Delays the sale but more important to have all my keeper bikes running so that I don't have projects other than maintenance sitting around waiting for me to have some free time (insert insane laughter track here).

Next, decide which of the two little motorcycle trailers is a keeper and which can go away.  After suitable work and upgrade, of course.

They say this like it's a good thing

I'm getting a bit tired of Cato's incessant "open borders" advocacy.  They haven't yet figured out that open borders and a welfare state are completely incompatible. 

Their conclusion, in case you don't want to read the article, is that immigration will immediately increase by 40% if they win.  Just precisely what we don't need.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The free rider problem explained

Free rider is a term coined by the unions.  It is designed to cast negative aspersions on those of us who choose not to join the union, but benefit from the bargaining in which the union engages.  We are supposedly not paying our fair share of the costs to have our contracts negotiated.

Here's the problem.  It was the unions who lobbied to become the sole bargaining power in the first place.

So step 1, convince the employer that no one else should be able to bargain for their own compensation.  Step 2, label anyone who doesn't want to pay you to be their agent a "free rider".  Step 3, force them to pay for the representation that you didn't want in the first place.

What is the solution?

I don't know.  I can see the difficulty in each employee reaching their own agreement, but on the other hand, that is exactly what has happened in every job I have ever had outside of the military until I became a teacher.

Let me throw one small  example out about how I have not been well represented by the collective bargaining that I was forced to pay for.  A certain amount of money is allocated for each employee for health care costs.  Each employee then gets to choose which plan they want.  If the plan costs more than what is allocated, they pay the extra out of pocket.  Fair enough.

I chose a Health Savings Account plan.  It costs significantly less than the allocated amount.  Guess what happens to the balance.  If you guessed that I don't see a penny of it, you guessed right.  It goes back into the "pool" to defray the costs of everyone else's health care.  I lose about $300 a month ($3600 a year) that should be a part of my compensation.  Why do I get this great deal?  Because the union is the sole negotiator of contracts and that is what they negotiated.

I'll throw up another post soon about the problems with "employer based health care" and why it isn't the best option.  I'll also throw in the teaser that it also isn't the "Republican" plan as I've heard mentioned recently as we ramp up the rhetoric for election season.  It is the default dating back to WWII.  Guess who was the President then.  I'll give you a hint, he didn't have an (R) after his name.

In which I agree with the Washington Education Association

Rare but it finally happened.

I got a letter from them on Saturday in which they informed me that they will no longer deduct money from my paycheck (I was already a non-member of the union).

Completely unexpected and I will be confirming with the District Office at some point, but good or them.  They finally took a position that I agree with.

Next step, convince the rest of the teachers in my district that we should have a local bargaining unit and dump the big union completely.  I suspect that will be much more difficult.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Unions in a panic

Because it's non-union proponents who harass and intimidate.  Right!

SEIU and labor union violence

Center for Union Facts

Meanwhile, I'll be contacting my employer next week to let them know that I do NOT authorize them to take one penny out of my paycheck to fund a union (WEA/NEA) which works against my beliefs with almost every penny they spend.  That will be interesting as my employer tries to figure out the legal ramifications of my demand.

Did I mention that I just got a raise of about $500 per year?  Woo hoo!