Friday, January 8, 2021

Moving forward

I'm wondering about a private effort to audit the voting records of the contested states, not to put President Trump back in office, but to put pressure on legislatures and governors to fix the system.  Right now it is quite clear that the mainstream media will just ignore or mock any suggestion of voter fraud, in spite of the clear statistical evidence that there were all sorts of shenanigans.  So what would this private foundation do?

1) Hand check every ballot cast for legitimacy when it comes to deceased voters, out of state voters, illegal immigrant voters, etc.

2) Hand check ballots for compliance with the laws of the state regarding legitimate ballots (signatures, witnesses, etc)

3) Hand check ballots for illegal photocopies, etc

4) Cross check physical ballots against voting tallies.

5) Compile an actual list of laws violated during the election, whether federal or state

6) Analyze the results of various voting machine software audits to determine what level of issues there may have been

Conclusion: Create a single recommendation list for adoption by states on how to secure voting with clear evidence (no Krakens to be released here) demonstrating the flaws in our system.

Right now we have 33 states that are some sort of majority Republican government, all of whom should be open to reforms, if we can get past the "nutty conspiracy theorist" label that the left and the mainstream media are pushing.  It would take money, but then again, what else are we going to do with that money other than send it to conservative politicians who won't get elected because of fraud?

It also has to be led by someone who isn't a grifter, out to make money off the rubes by saying the right things.  That is, in part, what happened to the Tea Party movement.  It was taken over by grifters and collapsed under their weight.


John Wilder said...

Well said. But an honest evaluation is the last thing the Left wants . . .

NotClauswitz said...

You are clearly a logical thinker, therefore you must be cancelled and banned.

Anonymous said...

Oo! Can I be banned too??