Saturday, March 13, 2021

Internet speed testing

 I use a VPN.  Recently had some trouble with outgoing email which seems to have been resolved but that got me down a rabbit hole on speed testing.  Did a few comparisons.

Baseline: No VPN, Comcast service, hard wired to laptop.

VPN (which shall not be named, through US server) using Open VPN protocol

Same VPN, same server, using Wireguard, which some sites claim is faster, and some claim is slower.

Interestingly I got different results with Wireguard coming in at about half speed a few minutes ago, before I decided to write this post.  Either way, however, not sure that I am thrilled with these speeds and may do some exploring.

Other issue is that they were verified No Log, but seem to have been bought out by another company which has a bit of a sketchy reputation.

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