Thursday, May 6, 2021

Liberated: A definition and a few observations


Observation 1: If you raised money and bought land, you didn't really liberate it, you participated in the system

Observation 2: If you bought land at 10,000 feet it probably doesn't have rich soil

Observation 3: You don't give off the vibe of a bunch of farmers so how exactly are you going to support yourselves other than by begging for money on the internet and buying food from the same oppressors from whom you bought the land?

Observation 4: Looking at the pictures, WTH?  Do you seriously think you can go off grid there?  Might want to watch a few youtube videos by people who are homesteading and living off/mostly off grid before you head off into the wild blue yonder.  Seriously, there are lots of them but since they are mostly white people I suppose you felt you had nothing to learn from them.

Observation 5: Did you get a post office box so that your welfare checks can continue to be delivered or do you just go with direct deposit?  Hopefully you have found a bank that has decolonized its mind to do business with.

Wrap up: Maybe when you start to struggle (read: die off in winter) the locals, who you will probably have annoyed by referring to them as occupiers and colonizers every chance you got, will step up and bring you down the mountain so you can go back to whatever colonized city you came from.  Maybe then you will have learned something. But I doubt it.  You don't seem like the type to learn.  Instead I suspect that you will double down on your hatred by finding ways to blame the "man" for your failure.  A few thoughts to help you get started:

A decolonized education system would have taught you the skills needed to subsistence farm at 10,000 feet (hint: there aren't any).

A decolonized assistance system would have provided everything you needed to survive on a 10,000 foot piece of desert without having to farm.

A decolonized country would not have forced you to liberate a piece of high desert and post all over the internet about your great victory, thus leading you to look like idiots in front of the whole internet.

That last one may have been snark. 

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