Wednesday, June 23, 2021

An exercise in futility

 One month.  Eight Borax-loaded ant traps.  Two different manufacturers.  This is a picture of the activity as of yesterday.

It looks approximately the same as the day I came down and saw that I had an ant problem.

The ants love whatever is mixed in with the Borax as they swarm the traps.

Searching for "Borax isn't killing my ants" results in thousands of links explaining to me how Borax is the most effective way to kill my ants.

My buddy suggests that I go outside and find the ant nests and deal with them that way.  How the H am I supposed to know where the ant nests are on  my 1/4 acre property?  Plus they might be under the house.  The whole point of these traps is that they will return to the nest and it will be dealt with.

Alternative: Go buy some that aren't Borax (if that is a thing) and see if that takes care of the problem.

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