Monday, September 27, 2021

Let the sewing begin

 I won't say that it is particularly spectacular.  It isn't.  But I made it. On a Singer Model 66 manufactured in 1927.  With a treadle, not an electric motor.  So I'm pretty proud of myself.  And the fact that it is just the right size for a bottle of wine?  Well, I could say I planned it that way.  But I'm trying not to post lies on the internet where they might come back to bite me someday.

Update: Per John's observation, the bag currently holds a fine bottle of 2018 Chateau de Gaudou Malbec.


John Wilder said...

You skipped the important question: what wine?

heresolong said...

Updated. 😁

John Wilder said...

Excellent! I love a good Malbec!