Thursday, June 23, 2022

The one where I finally get Covid

Well, I finally succumbed.  Three days of feeling sort of miserable (headache, body ache, fever).  About a week and a half (so far) of chest congestion and low grade fever, which is annoying.  I'm showering twice a day now as I find myself sweating in the late afternoon/early evening and then feel gross when bedtime rolls around.  Napped a few times which I never do under normal circumstances.

I doubled up on my Vitamins C & D, took my Ivermection anti-viral, gargled morning and night with a menthol mouthwash to knock down the viral load in my throat; in other words, all the preemptive treatment that regular doctors don't seem to want to recommend but none of which have any negative side effects so why on earth wouldn't you do them?

Honestly didn't seem any worse than regular flu, just different, although this ongoing chest congestion is annoying.  OTOH I always get ongoing chest congestion when I get sick and it's always annoying, so there's that.

On the positive side I now have a piece of paper that says I had Covid so maybe I can go to Canada and visit my parents.  All the Canadian websites are vague about what exactly having that piece of paper gets you, but they also all mention the piece of paper, so...

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John Wilder said...

Congrats! Yeah, I felt awful for an afternoon. Then? Done.