Monday, July 4, 2022

And the good news is

I accidentally bought a rifle on June 30th, the day before the "high capacity" magazine ban went into effect here in Washington state.  By "high capacity" they mean, of course, anything larger than the randomly chosen number of 10.  Never mind that I have multiple pistols and rifles that were specifically designed to hold more and that magazines larger than ten rounds have been in general use for at least 70 years.  Anyway, this rifle is and Aero Precision M-5, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, built for competitive shooting and, like all my other firearms, will never be used to commit a crime of any sort.  

Since it was the last day to buy magazines for my rifle I went on a quest.  Beautiful sunny day here in the PNW so me and my motorcycle went to seven sporting goods stores in two counties, plus got hold of a friend on the other side of the state, plus jumped on the internet for a bit and played with my CC.  Net result, got a handful of magazines and will be fine.

The next day, however, as I sat reading about all the winning! going on at SCOTUS I read that they had remanded a "high capacity" magazine case back to the 3rd Circuit.  The New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Association sued last year and the 3rd threw out the case on the grounds that it had already been decided.  Now, in light of Bruen, they have been instructed to reconsider.  Woo hoo!  Don't know if it will be another win but it's progress. 


John Wilder said...

I like that cartridge. Shoots very nice.

heresolong said...

Thanks for the thoughts. We have a 10 day waiting period for "assault" rifles here in our state so haven't gotten to check it out yet. Today is Day 4 since Saturday through Monday didn't count. Grrr!