Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sewing machine picture hosting

Posting this up just as a general reference.  I created this post as a way to have access to pictures for posting on Victorian Sweatshop.  They have storage issues due to cost so links is a reasonable workaround.  Dropbox, Google Photos, other sites I have tried just don't seem to work well but this does.  For now.  Anyway, browse and enjoy if you want.  I'll try to annotate each pic so that you know what you are looking at.  Once I own will be marked with MC for my collection.  Others are just interesting things I saw around.

MC Accessory boxes and manuals for Singer 15-91 that came with an old White Rotary.

MC Miscellaneous stuff that came with White Rotary and Singer 403A Slantomatic.

MC Aforementioned Singer Slantomatic

MC Random sewing accessories the purpose of which I do not know.  Research underway.  Update: Quick response from the folks at VSS.  Loop threaders.  Useful for pulling elastic or hoodie drawstrings through.  Sweet!

Casige toy sewing machine made in British zone of Berlin

Ruby, don't know much more about it at this point.

New Home treadle in Snohomish antique store

Kenwood irons.  Never heard of them.

MC Oiler bottle, patented 1897

Singer 201 which I didn't buy cause they wanted way too much for it plus I already have a 206

MC Singer 99K Centennial which I did buy

MC Eldredge Improved Rotary which caused me to buy the 99K pictured just above because I went back to the store and then noticed that the 99K was a Centennial

A magpie because I was thinking about my collecting tendencies.

MC A Portland labeled Eldredge Paveway that I got for $7 at an estate sale.  Pretty rough but nice decals so it is currently torn down for a restoration project.

MC temporarily: A Montgomery Ward Signature that is a Christmas present for a friend.  I'm fairly confident that he doesn't read my blog and so won't see this and ruin the surprise.

MC Morse 200 that I picked up in the initial collecting phase cause it was cool.  Basic Made in Japan Singer 15 clone.

 MC Some old instruction manuals that I scanned for posting to the ISMACS (International Sewing MAchine Collectors Society)


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