Sunday, March 25, 2012

How about them speechwriters

President Reagan used to take a lot of flack from the left, who claimed that he was an ignorant buffoon whose only skill was the ability to effectively deliver a speech that was written by someone else.  The lie was put to that claim when his personal documents were released, showing the copious hand written modifications he made to his speeches before giving them, as well as communications he had with his speechwriters.  Turns our he wrote or edited most speeches he gave, in each case making them better.

Now we have the current president, who has been hailed as a brilliant motivator and speaker.  This short video suggests otherwise.

Here are the highlights

1) __________ (insert country name) punches above their weight.  (Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Philippine)

2) No stronger ally than _______________ (insert country name).  (Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Republic of Korea, Israel, France, Italy, Japan)

Really too bad that this brilliant communicator can only come up with one metaphor and one way to describe our friends and allies.  And for you lefties out there who still rant about what an idiot Reagan was, maybe it's time to read some of the writings he left behind.  You might be surprised.

I'd start with Dear Americans, which contains many of the letters he wrote in response to personal communications he received as President.  Did you know that this warmongering idiot took the time to personally respond to dozens of letters that he received each week from private citizens?  Probably not.  Well worth the read though.

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