Sunday, March 18, 2012

On a more personal note

I'm not really much of a TV watcher.  Used to be an avid sports fan, but that's sort of died off.  I still put games on, but they tend to be background.  No hockey on American television to speak of anyway.  There's a few shows that I try to catch each week, or am watching on Netflix, or am waiting for them to add new seasons on Netflix as I don't have a DVR .

The Mentalist (just started)



Doctor Who

In Plain Sight


Blue Bloods


How I Met Your Mother (slowly losing interest)

Covert Affairs (slowly losing interest)

White Collar (just started)

Burn Notice

Top Gear (the British version)

Hmm.  By my standards, once I type out the whole list, I have become a TV person.  I suspect that based on the average North American, I can still claim to not be much of a TV watcher.

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Anonymous said...

Everything I watch is from the internet, Netflix or Hulu.

Walking Dead
All the HBO series, once they come to video
Dr Who (bought from Itunes--painfully slow release schedule)
Burn Notice