Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick Blogging

Well, woke up Tuesday morning with a splitting headache, barely slept Tuesday night due to waking up feeling like I was choking to death, slept better last night but woke up with the most heinous sore throat, so thought I'd share some of the plus side of the whole experience.

Thing 1: Ears were clogged yesterday so I could barely hear.  Told my students they'd have to be patient with me and speak up when they were talking.  Helping out a group of students with a problem and I hear "He's probably faking it so he has an excuse to ignore us".  Turn around and one of my students is looking at me with a HUGE grin on her face.  Must have said it pretty loudly for me to have heard.  Well done.

Thing 2: Browsing around and found Captain Capitalism, a new blog for my list.  Providentially there was an article a few days ago about how to most effectively milk illness for pampering from the women in your life.  Unfortunately there are none, so I'm on my own.  Or just not working it right.

Thing 3: Really good new chicken noodle soup recipe.  Created by me by accident as I flung things into a pot through my head-achy, stuffy haze.

Thing 4: Testing my theory that because citrus has Vitamin C, my vodka and diet tonic with lime should help me kick my cold faster.

Thing 5: Almost through The Mentalist, Season 1.  I hate how hard it is to find some shows online until after the season is over.  I am waiting for Blue Bloods and White Collar to finish their current season so that I can keep watching and soon The Mentalist will be added to the list.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I had to stay after school late to write up substitute plans just in case I feel so even more rotten tomorrow I can call in sick with a clear conscience.  (I'm amazed at some of the stories from friends who are substitute teachers about the complete lack of planning that they find when showing up.  Don't those teachers give a cr&p about their students?)   Anyway, if I don't call in sick that was all wasted time as I already knew what I was going to do, just had to put it into terms that a fifth grade social studies teacher could understand (just in case I got a fifth grade social studies teacher as my sub).  You just never know.

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