Friday, April 6, 2012

Meme-tag:About Me

Well, never heard of a meme-tag, but Harv, over at Bad Example, tagged me.  Maybe he  made it up to get me to reveal embarrassing personal details about my life, but either way, here goes.

Your questions:

1. What's your favorite color?

Dark.  No really.  I like Navy Blue, Forest Green, Burgundy Wine, etc.  If it is a dark color, I pretty  much like it.

2. If you get a plane ticket for free to go wherever you'd like - where would your final destination be?

London.  Haven't been to Europe in quite a few years.  Plus I'd spend the money I saved on the plane ticket renting a Harley and riding around.  For at least a month so hope it was a very expensive plane ticket that I got for free and that it is open ended so I can come back when I want.

3. Is there anything in your life you always wanted to do and never had the chance to?

Fly a plane.  I always wanted to get a pilot's license, but it isn't cheap and there were always other things I wanted to do more. 

4. Which one is your favorite movie classic? (Let's say: Older than 20 years)

Older than twenty years.  That's a tough one.  Not because I haven't seen lots of movies older than twenty years, but because my memory sucks.  Gonna narrow it down to two.  When Harry Met Sally and Father Goose.

5. If you were blond - would you mind the blonde-jokes (and of course if you ARE blonde - do you mind them?)

Know where all those blonde jokes come from?
All the brunettes sitting at home on Saturday night.
Ba dum, dum.

6. What is it that always and 100% certain makes you laugh?

Kevin James dancing?  No seriously, first time I saw Hitch I fell off my chair.

7. Where do you usually buy your clothes?

Levis from Sears, Harley t-shirts from Harley dealerships, suits from Men's Wearhouse.  And most recently, an awesomely cool Stetson Fedora from Bernie Utz Hat Shop in Seattle to go with aforementioned suits.

8. Does wind bother you or do you like it?

Sort of like it.  The air always seems to smell fresher when a good stiff breeze is blowing.  Although not so much if I'm in the desert.  Then it sucks.

9. What is it that you dislike about high school reunions?

I actually went to a couple, ten and twenty, just because.  Turned out all the people who were grade A douchebags in highschool had grown up and were interesting to chat with.  I spent a half hour talking to a guy I wouldn't have crossed the street to spit on if he were on fire back when.

10. Are you a cat or dog person?

Yes, although I'm leaning towards cats right now.  I like the low maintenance and I like the fact that I don't have to worry too much if I want to take off for a few days (that's sort of the same thing, isn't it?).  I like not having to go for walks a couple times a day (although to be fair I could use some walks).  I like the automatic litter box shoveling the poop into a plastic container that I throw out, instead of walking around the back yard in a gas mask and carrying a shovel.

11. Can movies make you cry and if yes - when was the last time you cried in a movie theater or in front of the TV?

Yes and don't remember.  Although I have no hang up about crying during a movie, I certainly don't keep a log of when it happens.

I guess tradition suggests that I am supposed to Tag some other bloggers.  Many of the blogs that I follow I got from Harvey, Frank, and the Professor so they've already been through this.

I'd love to hear more from Sunny over at House of Sunny (although she hasn't posted since I linked to her site a month ago so she may have gone into  the Witsec program to get away from me (Seriously, I only posted one comment on her site and it wasn't at all creepy)  Reminds me of an awesome poster that someone sent me, however.

I live in constant fear of accidentally mentioning something I only know about you because I've stalked you on the internet.

How about James Maxey at The Prophet and the Dragon?  Author extraordinaire, the wildly successful and well worth a read Bitterwood series, and book one of his new series, Dragon Apocalypse.

Maybe I'll just stick with two.  Hang tradition and all.

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Harvey said...

Gotta agree with "Kevin James dancing" :-)