Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camp Bastion, Afghanistan: Have you heard of it?

Well, you should have.

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Two Marines dead, six Harriers destroyed.  Can't find any indication that Obama has even mentioned the two Marines or the attack in a public speech.  Can't find much indication that the major American news media ran many stories on this.  The NY Times waited three days to run a story. This from a media that spent seven years opening each news broadcast with a running tally of the dead in "Bush's war".

Maybe it's time we started wondering whether this President is capable of running a successful war or whether he even wants to. The death toll in Afghanistan is steadily increasing and what are we getting out of it?  A new and better strategy?  A plan to win?  I don't see any evidence of either and meanwhile, the President ignores those brave military members who lost their lives.  The total in Afghanistan is now over 2,000, mostly since he took office.  While I don't necessarily blame President Obama for teh Taliban's increased activity to begin with, what has he done about it?  Why hasn't there been some sort of military response like we saw with the surge in Iraq?  What, exactly, are they doing to turn the tide, and if nothing, why are we still there?

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Anonymous said...

Too late. He already used the victory and drawdaown in Afghanistan as a reason to re-elect him. So now the news media has to keep a lid on it or risk Obama looking bad.