Friday, November 2, 2012

Spring Ahead and Fall Back

It's a wash, right?  You lose an hour in the spring, only to gain it back in the fall.

Unless, of course, you are at sea on an aircraft carrier in the United States Navy.  The skipper, as only they can do, figured out a way to get a couple extra work hours out of everyone each year. 

First would come the spring.  At three in the morning, all the clocks would be set forward one hour, so unless you are standing a mid watch, you lost an hour of sleep time.  So far sounds just like everyone else outside of Arizona.  No big deal.  It happens every year and we are used to it.

Here's where they'd get you.  Six months later, somewhere in the middle of the work day, the clocks would be set back one  hour.  Now it's 12:00 and you still have five hours left in the regular work day instead of four.

Got you coming and going.

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