Monday, November 12, 2012

The Bias Against Guns

Whether you like it or not, it is there, alive and well in Hollywood.  Currently watching the fourth season of The Mentalist. I really enjoy the show but...

...the only time anyone who is not a police officer has a gun, it is a reason to believe that they are up to no good.  The current episode includes a fellow who is carrying a firearm, has a concealed carry permit, but is automatically under suspicion for being a homicidal maniac.  They start following him around and pushing him so that he will snap.  Jane buddies up to him in a bar and then shows him a rifle, going on and on about how easy it would be to kill someone.  The whole episode involves Jayne setting up situations to cause the fellow to look bad so that they can "prove" that he is psychotic.

I am only halfway through this episode but I'm assuming that by the end he will, in fact, have snapped and attempted to kill someone, at which point all Jane's suspicions will be confirmed and the audience will have a better understanding of the psychotic nature of anyone who chooses to exercise the right to self defense through concealed carry.  This kind of thing is offensive to the millions of Americans who carry concealed or openly every day and never commit crimes with them.  The fact is that people with concealed carry permits are far more law abiding than the average citizen.

Oh, and the same guy out in the desert at the improvised shooting range had a belt fed M-240 machine gun.  Not sure where he is supposed to have gotten that, or why, given that it had to have been stolen from the military, he would be out shooting it where anyone could walk up and see it, but once again, it's that easy.  Apparently.

Oh number 2.  The female cop on the show was dating someone she describes as "everyone thought he was the greatest guy" but then he pulled a gun on her and she shot him.  That was a few episodes ago, but she told the story to the former wife of the alleged crazy guy to enlist her help in getting a warrant.

Yup, there we go.  Raving lunatic.  House full of guns and political screeds.  Edmund Burke figures prominently.  The only thing missing is a membership card to the Tea Party.

Oh number 3.  I forgot to mention that he is from Texas and his reason for having a concealed weapons permit (you have to have a "good reason" in California) is that he is from Texas.

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