Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do gun bans work?

Given that we are going to face a loud push for more gun control in the new year, and given that little opposing information will be presented by the mainstream media, I thought it might be worth collecting articles that do shed a little light on the reasons for opposition.  I will update this as I come across new articles and try to keep it at the top of my blog for a while.  Not sure how to do that, but I'll try.

Wall Street Journal Joyce Lee Malcolm

Ms Malcolm has also written a book on how British gun laws have affected violence in England which you can get through Amazon by following this link. Guns and Violence: The English Experience

The Folly of Disarming Evil, posted on The Elusive Wapiti's Blog which includes a link to a BBC article from 2005 in which a group of British doctors, using language very similar to that which is routinely used against so-called assault rifles, call for a ban on long, pointed, kitchen knives. Turns out that as gun violence has increased in Britain, those denied access to guns have turned to kitchen knives. What next?

What happens when an armed citizen is present at the site of a planned mass shooting?  You won't hear it on the national media.

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