Friday, December 7, 2012

Scurrilous Rumor or Really Cool Idea That Just Never Reached Fruition

Nuke the moon.  Frank J. over at IMAO has been advocating this for some time.  I'm still a bit fuzzy as to why, but hey, it sounds cool.  Turns out he's either lying about his age, he belongs to an international cabal of moon nukers who are working on a long term plan to nuke the moon, or he is just way behind the times.

The U.S. military apparently had a plan (OK, if you are the writers at The Independent, a London newspaper, it was a plot, not a plan) to nuke the moon to show them Russkies who's who.

The writers at The Independent seem to be a bit limited in their use of vocabulary or a bit over the top in their use of hyperbole, because not only did they refer to this "plan" as a plot, they also claim that the military wanted to "blow up" the moon.  I'm not sure how powerful they think nuclear weapons are, but I suspect that it would take far more than we have to actually blow it up, rather than just create a new crater on the surface, let alone taking into account the fact that the alleged "plan" included one atomic bomb (that's the less powerful one, in case you weren't sure). 

Well, I have to wonder if this was really something that was planned (plotted?) or just an idea that was thrown out there during a BS session.  Here's how I could see the conversation going:

Top man #1: Hey, those Russians think we aren't powerful, what can we do?

Top man #2: We could set off a nuke on the moon.  It would totally be visible from everywhere, especially if we announced it ahead of time.  Then they'd know how awesome we are.

Top man #3: What about all the radioactive fallout?

Top man #2: Dude, there's no one on the moon and no one goes to the moon and there's no atmosphere so what difference would it make?

Top man #3: Oh yeah.

Top man #1: OK.  So seriously, what are we going to do about the Russians?  

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