Friday, December 14, 2012

Vinyl recollections

Was going through some stuff that I haven't sorted through in years, gradually getting rid of things.  Found a full box of records.  Yup.  Vinyl.  LPs (plus some EPs for my more pedantic reades).  Thought it might be fun to take a listen but haven't had a turntable set up in years.  Dug some more and found my Fisher direct drive turntable, pulled my old amp out of the garage, along with a set of Boston Acoustic speakers I bought a few years ago for a different system and set it up in my living room.

Here's what I've found so far in the box (links take you to a sample song from the album I was listening too just in case you wanted a reminder or to check out a previously unheard band).  You'll notice there's a fair amount of New Wave.  I have always listened to just about everything and this was no exception.

Kate Bush Japanese import pressing of Never For Ever (Delius)
Mental As Anything (Australian band that I had completely forgotten about) (Spanish Gardener)
Fischer Z (also forgotten, but well worth listening to again) (Song and Dance Brigade)
Tears for Fears remix EPs of various songs (Mad World video)
The Doors Probably didn't need a link for this band, but WTH.  Here you go anyway. (Five to One - turn this one waaaayyy up)
Trooper (every single album including the first album I ever bought, Thick As Thieves) (Two for the Show)

Add ons:

The Swingers - a short lived New Zealand group. Their big hit (Counting the Beat)

and I'm only about a third of the way through the box.  I have to say the sound is rich and full.  A bit inconvenient which reminds me of why we switched to CD, but I really think the sound is better.  I'll have to hook up a CD player to the amp and do a side by side one of these days.

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