Friday, January 11, 2013

Are police officers "better" than regular citizens?

Over the weekend five police officers, out of uniform, were asked to leave a Denny's in Belleville, Illinois, because their firearms were "making another customer uncomfortable".  Denny's corporate office quickly issued a statement saying that they permit law enforcement to carry their firearms in the restaurant.  So here's my question.  Is Denny's OK with me carrying a firearm?  I have been trained in the safe and effective use of firearms, I have been practicing for years, and I have been carrying a firearm for years.  I believe I would be considered by most people to be a responsible gun owner. 

Add to this the fact that the police are five times more likely than a "civilian" to shoot an innocent bystander during an incident and the case for me carrying my firearm to protect myself and my loved ones becomes pretty clear.

Denny's?  If I am asked to leave one of your restaurants this weekend, will you rush out with a public statement about how welcome I am?  Just wondering.

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