Sunday, February 10, 2013

My students want to know why they need to know math

Well, how about this.  If you don't understand mathematics, you will believe that this graph shows an imbalance in incomes.  If you understand mathematics, you will understand that this graph has been distorted (intentionally or not) to show something that doesn't, in fact, exist.

The reality is that the scale over on the right has been changed.  Each income bracket is $5,000 wide.  Right up to the $200,000 mark. Then they are lumped into two groups, one between $200k and $250k, and the second above $250k.

So who is the purveyor of this mathematically misleading garbage?  The United States Census Bureau.  Yep.  Either they don't know that you aren't supposed to switch scales part way through, or they don't care, or they did it on purpose.  Can't think of another reason.  Ignorance, incompetence, or malice.  Take your pick.

Read more from The Daily Beast.

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