Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Police Loophole

This is great.  A blog called The Police Loophole.  You know, or maybe you don't, that every time there is a restriction on we, the people, the police are exempted.  Even when they aren't exempted, they are exempted.  When sound suppressors were illegal here in Washington state, the police could be seen out at the range practicing with their illegal sound suppressors, even though there was no exemption in the law for them.  When all the talk is about prohibiting semi-automatic AR-15 rifles for us, the police get fully automatic M-16 rifles (real weapons of war instead of scary looking versions of regular rifles).

When there is a legal way for us to do something the anti-gunners don't like, they call it "a loophole".  Buy a guy through a dealer, there is a background check.  Buy a gun from your friend, there is no background check.  To us that's just obeying the law.  It's still illegal to buy a gun if you are a felon and it's still illegal to sell a gun to a felon, so you still have to obey the law.  To the anti-gunners it's the "private sale" loophole.

So what is the ultimate loophole?  The one that lets the police and the government do all the things that are prohibited for we, the people.

Well some companies have decided that enough is enough, and whoever started The Police Loophole is giving them the publicity they deserve.  These companies will no longer sell any product to a government agency if that locale does not allow the average citizen to own the same product.  So, for example, New York just banned AR style rifles for their citizens, Olympic Arms will no longer sell their AR products to any branch of government in the state of New York.

Good for them.  If we can't be trusted, why can the police? They can deal with the same restrictions as us.  I hope even more manufacturers sign on.  As of right now, the list he has compiled has 64 companies, the biggest of which are Olympic, Barrett, and Rock River.  I hope some of the big names will jump on board.  I'll be dropping a line to my favorites.

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