Thursday, February 7, 2013

The silence is deafening

Last week it was announced that the office in charge of closing Guantanamo Bay is being closed. 

In 2011 Obama ordered the resumption of military tribunals, and the indefinite detention of prisoners without charge, both practices which were heavily criticized by Obama and the left.

NBC has obtained a Justice Department white paper in which the Obama Administration justifies drone strikes against American citizens.

The Patriot Act was renewed at the request of the Obama Administration.

The left is silent.  There are no protests in the streets, there are no protests at the Capitol Mall, there are no movies being made by Michael Moore about the dangers and abuses of the Obama presidency, the editorial pages and the blogs are silent.

There is now not one single argument to rebut the premise that the outrage and protests against President Bush were ideologically driven and had not one iota of moral underpinning.  The left has no clothes.

PS There are two or three old hippies down at the Federal Building in town every Friday protesting a variety of things.  I disagree with most of what they stand for, but well done to them for having the courage of their convictions and not going home when a Democrat got elected, like the rest of the hypocrites.

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