Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And on and on it goes

The EPA is now being investigated for targeting conservative groups.  Apparently they waived the Freedom of Information Act fees 90% of the time for liberal groups and denied a waiver 90% of the time for conservative groups.


My guess is that the left will once again deny, just like they did with Bengazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, etc.  They will come out with the same fake statistics about how it was the same under Bush that they do with every scandal, or they will claim that it isn't even true and create some way to fudge the numbers.  Eventually the truth will out, but by then people will be so tired of this that it just won't register and anyone still talking about it will be accused of living in the past.  The left will accuse anyone actually investigating the issue of being a partisan crank who never lets anything go.

Meanwhile the real problem is not the Obama Administration, it is a government that is so big that it can be used for political purposes.  Eventually an administration like Obama's will come along and misuse it.

I propose that we eliminate all these rogue agencies, return our government to its formerly limited, capital-C, Constitutional status, and go about living our lives.

But then what do I know.  I'm probably a partisan crank.

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