Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fatboy paint job for replication

I've been flooded with questions since my last motorcycle post from people wanting to know what this awesome paint job that I want replicated looks like.

OK, that was a flat out lie.  I am never flooded with questions on my blog.  But it sounded fun.

Here it is anyway.  For the record, I designed this myself but let Ron come up with the original artwork based on the idea and pictures I showed him.

Update: I stopped by the address listed for Ron Morelli, the painter, while I was in California but they said that he hasn't been there in years and they heard a rumor that he had passed away, so I am counting that as a confirmed death.


Brett Bammer said...

I assume you've found out about Ron Morelli?


heresolong said...

Yeah. Cancer. A shame. The man was talented.