Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodbye Firefox, Hello Chrome

Must ...  not  ...  be  ...  assimilated!

Oh well.  It's just too annoying.  I used Netscape Navigator for  years until they eventually loaded enough extras onto it to kill a herd of camels then disappeared.  I used Opera for a while but it never really worked with an plugins in the early years so you couldn't watch videos or do any other interesting stuff.  Firefox came along and it was perfect.  Small fast.  That was then.  Now it instantly says "server not found" on about half the web pages I want to visit.  Instantly.  Like so fast that there is no way that it even had time to query the page to see if it existed.  Lots of people complaining, lots of other people claiming that the problem is either in your computer or in your internet connection.  No solutions so...

Google Chrome.

Forget Skynet.  When the world gets taken over by a computer, it is probably going to have a google logo on it.

On the other hand, if Google ever introduces a system called Skynet to coordinate your mail, calendar, web browser, contacts, .....

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