Thursday, July 18, 2013

Motorcycle project update

Promised you pictures of the CBR600 so here you go.

Only problem now is that the other day I wound it up on the freeway and now it runs a little rough.  Coughs when running along at steady speeds, doesn't feel quite right.  May have blown an intake seal or may be something more serious.  Have to check it out later this month.

Fatboy.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you saw what the bike looked like last summer.

(Aside: Hey lawyers, don't post in my comments asking what happened and expressing concern for my health.  Follow the link and you can read all about it.)

Shipped the frame down to Sacramento yesterday, I'll be picking it up on Friday to bring home (or more accurately to have my parents bring home since they will be there with a car), and start the rebuild process.  I've decided to put it back the way it was, including my awesome tank graphics.  They were originally painted by Ron Morelli in Hayward, California and I'll be looking to have them redone.

(Aside: A few years ago I did a search for Ron and found an obituary, but now I'm finding links to his business.  Guess I'll be swinging by to see what's up while I'm down there.  I hope he is alive, for several reasons)

Anyway, here's what the bike looked like as I was stripping it down, and then I forgot to take more pictures.  Oh well, more to come as it goes back together.

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