Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is James wearing?

James Andrew, interior designer.  This quote struck me:

I think we can agree that very few people really make an effort to dress up these days. The irony is that the act of dressing up itself has now become a protest of sorts – quite the opposite to what we’ve seen in the past. Most of society seems to be locked into an uber casual (read sloppy) mentality, where aesthetic considerations have been nearly completely supplanted by expediency and comfort – and unfortunately the future appears to be following this downward trajectory.
I've been trying to dress up a bit more.  Started wearing a dressier shirt and a tie almost every day at school last year, have bought some shirts to wear with jeans and shorts that aren't t-shirts, some shoes that are a bit stylish instead of runners.  Not all the time, I still consider myself a biker and riding is what I do most, with the attendant jeans and boot, but when the situation warrants, and sometimes when it doesn't, I'm taking it up just a small notch.

His blog, at deals with interior design, fashion, and travel. 

H/T Gentleman's Gazette Newsletter

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