Friday, July 5, 2013

Who needs books?

I have a Nook. I love it. It's easy to read, easy to carry, and I can carry about 1500 books on the 32GB card I added.

So what am I doing at the library book sale this morning, buying books?

There are, I've discovered, some disadvantages to the Nook. The books on my Nook aren't easily lendable except to other Nook owners, the books on my Nook can't be donated to the library if I decide I don't want them anymore, and the books on my Nook don't make a satisfyingly attractive display that friends and acquaintances can browse through, getting a sense of what I like and maybe finding something new that they want to read. There's just something satisfying about pulling a book off the shelf and flipping through it to see if you want to read it. I go back and forth and today, I went forth.

I know. I'll call it "community support". I'm helping the local library. In a couple years I'll probably end up donating all the books I bought back to the library anyway so it'll be a double.

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