Monday, August 5, 2013

Oakland school district trying to close American Indian charter school

Dr. Ben Chavis told the story of the American Indian Model Charter School and its successes in his book Crazy Like a Fox.  An outstanding read, available at Amazon.

His school has constantly been under attack by the Oakland Unified School District, who have been consistently embarrassed by the incredible results his students have achieved. They have, for example, ranked first among Oakland district schools almost every year that they have been in existence, and ranked highly in the state of California every year, in spite of having students from low income families and a limited budget.

Now they are trying to shut him down again, claiming that he and his wife have taken quite a bit of money from the school. This is spite of the fact that the Alameda County DA has investigated and declined to press charges and that various other agencies in California who are tasked with overseeing the operations of charter schools have found no irregularities. The current action by the OUSD seems to be a continuation of the educational establishment's hatred for any sort of alternative schooling. They can't stand his success.

 You can read the article from City Journal here.

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