Sunday, August 25, 2013

The votes just aren't there

So why talk about impeachment?  Well, if you bring up the subject you'll be accused of being a racist, of being a partisan, of being an extremist.  If you don't bring up the subject, the President will continue to act un-Constitutionally, the whole point of impeachment being that it is a political remedy for someone who is unfit for office.

Some of you who read this will argue that the differences between Obama and conservatives are just differences of policy, that we are upset because he is implementing his ideas, but it is more than that.  That alone would not be sufficient to even bring up the word impeachment.  Obama is acting unconstitutionally.  A short list:

  • making recess appointments when Congress was not in recess
  • refusing to implement laws that have been passed by Congress and signed by the President
  • refusing to replace the head of the Justice Department who has repeatedly lied to Congress
  • allowing guns to be sold to Mexican cartels, resulting in the deaths of a DEA agent and a Border Patrol agent
  • failing to act in Benghazi when there was a clear threat and then stonewalling all attempts at investigation
  • administering civil rights laws in a racially slanted manner
  • refusing to enforce laws that he disagrees with from a policy perspective (not that he argues are unconstitutional)
  • allowing the IRS to target political opponents of the administration
The list goes on and on but these are the ones that are not really in dispute.  There is plenty of evidence for anyone not blinded by hyper-partisanship.   The reality is that impeachment was designed specifically for this type of situation.  A President who is out of control, who refuses to be bound by Constitutional limits, must be removed in order to preserve the balance of power.  Otherwise we are living in a dictatorship.  

Many on the left accused Bush of acting as a dictator, but when pressed they were unable to point to specific abuses, falling back on sloganeering about the "illegal" war in Iraq and the Patriot Act, both of which were overwhelmingly authorized by a bi-partisan majority of Congress.  Now, when President Obama flouts the plain language of the law and the Constitution, the silence from those same leftists is deafening.

Thankfully some supporters of the President are starting to question his actions but I suspect that when push comes to shove, most of them will subsume their concerns to the good of the party.

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