Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Senate makes sure they can't hear from you

Thought I'd drop a note to Senators Murray and Cantwell.  Not because I thought it would do any good, them being die-hard leftists and lockstep with their party on every issue, but because it can't hurt.  Maybe a little public pressure would finally get through.

Nope.  Doesn't get through.  They have made sure that they can't hear from their constituents by closing their offices during the shutdown.

We are sorry to report that our office is currently closed, due to the federal government shutdown.  We apologize for any delays in response time you may experience as a result of the shutdown.  Once the federal government resumes normal operations, we will promptly reply to all correspondence received during the period of the shutdown.

Wouldn't you think that hearing from the people you are allegedly representing would be somewhat essential when you have rejected four bills from the  House that would have reopened the government and are refusing to negotiate?

I do.  Once again, government by the connected, for the connected.  More and more like a banana republic every day.

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