Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back to the Future

In 2005 Back to the Future celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a special trilogy release.  I hadn't watched the movies in years so decided to throw them into the player.  Here's a few notes.  (SPOILER ALERT but WTH, it's been thirty four years)

1) Back to the Future was excellent except for the parts where they feel that the best way to build tension is by having Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd shout at each other over really loud background noise.  As someone who has increasing trouble with background noise (shut up, I'm not getting old) this becomes increasingly annoying.

2) Back to the Future 2 was not as bad as I remembered except that the wild success of BttF 1's shouting tension (see note 1) was apparently so successful that most of MJF and CF's conversations are written this way.

3) BttF 2 and 3 are actually really long movie split into two parts as movie 2 ends with MJF stuck in 1955 having just received a letter from CL sent to him from 1885.  Not sure why he couldn't have just showed up in the Delorean to pick him up (it is a time machine, after all) instead of sending a letter but I guess that would have eliminated the possibility of a third movie.  I haven't watched the third yet on this go around but at this point might as well.  I'll let you know if there is anything ground shaking that you should be aware of, otherwise you can assume that it was probably just OK.

Update: 3 was quite good.  Less yelling (perhaps because there were fewer noisy things to yell over in 1885).

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