Saturday, February 1, 2014

Customer service, government style

My sister Alice tried to log in to the Obamacare website (Washington state version) because there was a problem with her health insurance (short version: she has to pay out $6500 for her son's medical care before they cover basic stuff) and she wanted to either cancel or change it.  She could not, however, remember her password.  You know how that goes.  "Your password must contain upper and lower case letters, three point five special characters, and the name of a Himalayan goat herder".  She tried various combinations of her usual password three times and...

you guessed it.  Locked out.  the instructions said "wait 24 hours or call this number".

Well, why not call the number?

Overpaid unmotivated government bureaucrat "Hello, blah blah government bureaucracy hotline, name and phone number?"

Alice "I just have a quick question"

OUGB "Name and phone number"

"My name is Alice. Why do you need my phone number to answer a quick question?"

OUGB"What is your question?"

"I've been locked out of my account and the screen said to call this number"

OUGB"You have to wait 24 hours"

"Right, but the website says or call this number"

OUGB "You have to wait 24 hours"

And we pay this person why?

And many of you people think that having the government run more of our lives is a good idea why?

In related news, California hires felons to man the Obamacare phones

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