Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The growth of concealed carry

Not that you'll ever know, since it's concealed, but if you notice that there seems to be less crime, maybe look around and thank someone who looks like they might have a firearm.


newrebeluniv said...

It is much more likely to be the results of the Willie Horton effect. Keeping criminals locked up means fewer of them are on the streets committing more crimes. Politicians who release criminals don't get re-elected. Politicians who deny paroles and pardons get re-elected.

heresolong said...

Possibly, but this is the same type of argument that most anti-gunners typically use. Doesn't matter how much research shows that violent crime drops when carry laws are liberalized, there is always "some other reason", whether it's demographics or a different law. I've run into this with numerous family members and acquaintances.

(PS I know you aren't anti-gun Prof, just pointing out the facts.)