Monday, March 10, 2014

Even paranoid people have real enemies

How would you feel about this scenario?  You have a hobby.  You are thinking about buying a very expensive item.  You have the money and can afford it but there are some legal issues involved.  The government, in the name of safety, has restricted access to these items and each model has to be approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as "safe" before it can be sold.

They duly approve your model and you drop $3000 into the latest and greatest.

Ten years later they retroactively decide that your model is not safe after all and prohibit them.  You'd think that a reasonable compromise would be to grandfather in all the current owners, wouldn't you?  Or maybe you think that the government, having approved the sale in the first place, would reimburse the owners for the property they are seizing, if in fact they are so unsafe due to a previously unnoticed design flaw.

Nope.  Due to the twisted firearm laws in Canada, each firearm has to be analyzed by the RCMP and categorized as unrestricted, restricted, or prohibited.  In 2002 they classified Swiss Arms rifles as unrestricted.  Anyone with a firearms license could buy one.  They are not cheap.   Now they have changed their mind and announced that anyone who owns one is required to turn them in to the nearest RCMP office for destruction.  Gratis.  No reimbursement.

Well, you might ask, obviously there is a serious safety flaw in these particular rifles.

Nope.  No mass shootings, no explosions, no incidents of any kind.  Just someone at the RCMP deciding that they didn't like this particular rifle.  Hey you, the guy who shelled out $3000 for a rifle, we are taking it away from you.

Guess what.  You aren't being paranoid when you think the anti-gunners will do everything they can to take away your guns.  Canadian guns laws are arbitrary and pointless.  All power is given to the RCMP to determine, with no public input or notification, what types of guns should or shouldn't be allowed to you, the general public.  You aren't a citizen, you are a serf, if you have no input into issues that affect you.

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