Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ongoing renovation projects

Wow.  Last time I posted on my renovation projects I promised updates as I finished each step.  I had resolved to finish a good chunk of the office.  Just realized that I haven't posted a thing since then and that was in November.

Well I have a bit of an excuse.  I took Christmas off to go surfing and started working on another, non-house related project.  I did, however, get a few things done so here an  update.


As I had planned, I sanded and refinished a good chunk of the floor.  I couldn't do the whole thing at once as I have my grandfather's roll top desk and it requires dis-assembly to move so I did what I could, moved the roll top over onto the finished section, and started working on the rest.

Ran into some snags with the corner repairs though.  When the corner wall was built, shortly after we moved in, the friends who helped used wood for the floorplate that was larger than the framing.  The floorplate, therefore, sticks out past the drywall and where I have to insert the new floorboards.  It wasn't a problem when there was carpet covering the floor, but in order to get this looking right I have to trim off the edge of the floorplate.  The problem is finding a saw that will cut into that edge.  I pulled the drywall off to give myself more room to work but this has been an ongoing frustration.

Moved into the hall while I try to figure out how to cut out that floorplate.  The corner (shown below) had been poorly patched.  The patchers were covering their work with carpet so it didn't really matter what it looked like.  I pulled out the pieces and installed new wood.  

One positive note is that I found wider flooring, although not thicker.  Those of you who followed the original back bedroom project know that the old flooring is wider than normal due to the age of the house.  This is not easy to find but Bellingham Millwork Supply carries tongue and groove pine in the old style widths.  Not as thick as the old stuff, but I laid down some tar-paper underneath to lift the pieces to the right height.

Next step is to start sanding the hallway and filling the gaps with wood filler in preparation for refinishing.  I have to hang a piece of plastic over the stairwell so that the sawdust doesn't go downstairs and cover everything in the house so that will be the next project, maybe after school tomorrow.

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