Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What are the interesting people reading about this week?

Taking a page from Tam over at View from the Porch, I'm going to clear my browser tabs.  You may find some of them interesting and I'll be able to come back if I want to later.

Surfline Surf Forecasts  currently set to Ventura, CA

Ventura Spirits has an interesting looking prickly pear cactus spirit, as well as gin and whiskey.

New book by Matt Kibbe about libertarianism called Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff available over at amazon.com

Open the Books, a website dedicated to shedding light on government spending.

Review of the new Walther PK380 on Alloutdoor.com  Looks nice.

Newsletter from San Diego Surf School with their list of the top ten things to do in San Diego (number one is, naturally, take a surf lesson)

Ever wondered how to make Lime Grog?  Grog is a rum drink that was created by the British Navy Admiral Vernon as a way to water down the seaman's daily rum ration so that it was drunk more slowly.  This recipe also added the lime juice which prevented scurvy.

Need a denim vest for riding when the weather is just too hot for leather (you know, those two days in August up on the west side Washington?).  Has a concealed carry pocket as well.

19th Century Men's Clothing?  I don't know why, just browsing for alternatives to jeans and this is what I came up with.

Limits on the Treaty Power from the Harvard Law Review.  An analysis on Congressional power by Senator Ted Cruz.

Looking for a strategy game (think chess or othello) but from the standpoint of a Viking raiding culture? You are looking for Hnefatafl (pronounced "nef-ah-tah-fel"). Imagine that you are a raiding party and you are attacked.  You need to get your chief safely to a strongpoint.  That is  your only goal.  Your opponent's only goal is to kill or capture your king as they outnumber you and are on their home territory.  Fascinating and a very different way of thinking from chess (capture the enemies king and you win the war) or othello (know as Go as westernized in oriental cultures where the goal is to capture territory to win the war).

The EU wants us to stop calling cheeses by their European names if they are made in America.  Parmesan, Gorgonzola, Feta, for example.  How far does it go?  My first inclination is to tell them to push off.  Come to think of it, that's my last inclination as well.

Well, that mostly clears them for today.  A few that I decided not to post as they have become old news while they sat.  I'm off to go surfing again (see link #1) so have a great day.

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