Sunday, May 11, 2014

Harley restoration, Part 1

Ran into some snags yesterday with a customer's project.  High compression pistons not matched properly to the cams he chose.  Consider talking to your mechanic before you buy a bunch of parts.

Meant that I had some time available so after getting caught up on another quick project that had been sitting around I decided to start tinkering with the Fatboy.

Still waiting on the fork assemblies to arrive as I just ordered a set of dual disc lower fork legs.  After years of looking discovered that VTwin Manufacturing makes a set for the 41mm Softail front end.

Pulled the wires through the new handlebars, bolted in the rear fork, rear wheel, and shocks, then loosely bolted the transmission into place. 

Here's a few pics so far.

The handlebars will be coming back off and replaced by a different set.  These are the "same" bars that I have on my Road King, only two inches shorter, but turns out that they have more pullback than the RK bars and I hate them on this bike.  Hated them the second I bolted them on, and it just got worse the more the day progressed.  They are way to far back so will be switching to a Flanders set.

Keeping track of the timing, I have about two hours into the bike so far.

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