Friday, July 25, 2014

Bloomberg gets it oh so right (and then doesn't)

I was going to post the other day on my <gasp> agreement with Michael Bloomberg.  And then...

Wait long enough and Michael Bloomberg will get it wrong, just like on firearms, salt, "large sugary drinks", etc.  I have virtually no known areas of agreement with him, although to be fair I only know what he chooses to publicly attack.  He is not, to the best of my knowledge, particularly libertarian.  One could argue pretty convincingly that he is the definition of a statist, that the state knows better than you in virtually every aspect of your life and will make any significant decision for you.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that he did something that I was super impressed with.  He traveled to Israel in defiance of the FAA's stupid travel ban.  (Aside: What the what gives our federal government the authority to ban people or companies from flying anywhere? I've read the Constitution numerous times and I'm pretty sure that isn't a power of the federal OR the state governments.)

Great.  Wow. Well done, Michael.  If I had the money I'd have done the same thing.

And then he has to blow it.  Wolf Blitzer asked him if the ban was politically motivated.  Blitzer is considered a pretty reasonable sort.  He is well regarded throughout the journalism field as far as I know.  Bloomberg went nuts.  He ranted at Blitzer just for asking the question, he ranted that he had no way to know, he screeched that it was an insult to the United States to even ask the question.  He also observed that the government might, occasionally, on very rare occasions, do something like that, thereby negating his whole rant.

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