Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tab clear: Cause there's just too many

Maybe I'll get back to talk about some of them later.

What should happen to women who make false accusations of rape or assault against men?

I'm working on my garden and, since I have a fairly large property, thought I might do some expansion.

Are there ever enough good recipe blogs?

Do you visit gun shops?  Do you like to talk about guns?  Do you think that the federal government might be a little too big and powerful?  The FBI wants to know about you.

Government bureaucracies have little incentive to actually do their jobs.  One Canadian agency has a policy of NOT testing new products.

Allah is the arabic word for god and predates the Islamic religion.  Muslims in some countries, however, don't think that anyone else should be able to use the word.  In Malaysia, they took it to court.  And won.

California courts ruled that teacher tenure is unconstitutional (state constitution).  Yay!  A win for freedom.

Do you like beer?  Do you like craft beer?  Well, turns out there are a fair number of obstacles to making and selling craft beer, both federal and state.  This article talks more specifically about Virginia but I figure there's a fair number of similar laws in most states.

Tai Chi Chuan.  I started learning it out of a book when I was on the ship.  Now I've been thinking about adding it to my Taekwon Do repertoire and taking it back up again.  Wondering if I can take it up from videos now that there is a youtube.


Anonymous said...

I was worried the FBI wanted to know about me until I saw the source of the story was Infowars. Now I feel perfectly safe. Infowars never gets anything right, not even accidentally.

heresolong said...

Good to know, prof. I'm not familiar with that site so I'll have to check this story out a little more. I will say I was not surprised by the story given everything that's been in the news over the past few years.

heresolong said...

Update: Can't find one single independent confirmation of the FBI "gun shops" story. It all seems to stem from one guy's writing with no other sources. Probably reasonable to ignore this pending any further updates.