Sunday, August 24, 2014

Is it something in the water?

Californians are happy with Obamacare by 56% according to a new poll but...

... they think that insurance companies shouldn't be able to raise the rates so much.  There is a ballot initiative coming up this fall in California which would let the insurance commissioner veto any rate increases by insurance companies.

WTW?   What is it about Californians that they can't figure out that it is the details of Obamacare that is forcing the insurance companies to raise their rates in order to stay in business.  If the ballot initiative passes (which I have no doubt it will) many of these insurance companies will either go out of business or stop doing business in California.  It is simple math.  If you are required to provide a package of benefits you have to charge enough to cover the cost of providing those benefits.  Obamacare has increased the number of items that health insurance is required to cover which is why all the basic plans are being cancelled.  They don't meet the new minimum requirements.  What Obama called "substandard" plans.  Never mind that people were perfectly happy with them, the government decided that they weren't good enough.

Every time I think that maybe living near the surf would be worth the trouble of living in California, the people in California go and make it that much harder.

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