Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Actually went shopping.  Amazing.  Said I would never but I did.  Needed some hiking/walking/winter boots.  All I have right now is cowboy boots and engineer boots, both for riding, and a set of Danner EMTs for my shop.  The toes of the Danners get torn up on the concrete so they generally look pretty rough, not so great for wearing out and around.

So, went to the Danner store in Portland.  Not downtown, but out by the airport.  Traffic but not too bad.  Crowds but not too bad.  Picked up a nice set of boots and a few pairs of mid-weight wool socks (seconds at $5 a pair) then walked around a bit checking out the store.  That's when I saw these:

Danner Men's Forest Heights Piedmont,Tan Leather,US 6 2EDanner Men's Forest Heights Piedmont .  I've been wanted a set of boots that would look nice with slacks or jeans, something to replace tennis shoes for a nicer look but wearable in the winter as well. These fit the bill and since they were seconds they knocked a hundred bucks off the price, and since everything was 25% off, they knocked another $40 off the price. $130 and they are Danners so are great quality.

Danner Men's Vicious 8 Inch Work Boot,Brown/Orange,10.5 D USOh, the boots I got are technically work boots but I wanted the 8" high for better ankle support so I grabbed these:
 Danner Vicious 8 Inch Work Boot

So why am I rambling about shopping on Black Friday?  Well, first of all, if you want some good boots and you are planning on buying them through Amazon you can follow my links and I get a small commission.  Secondly, just thought I'd mention that I broke down and went shopping.  Had nothing else to do sitting around at my buddy's watching sports and movies, figured we'd get out.  

Third, my dad gets back from India and Nepal this weekend and took the following picture of the Himalayas from the window of his plane to Kathmandu.

Made me think about the fact that years ago I thought about trekking in the Himalayas.  Now I'm thinking about it again.  I'll put up some more details as I think about it more, but this might be one of those things that I need to do soon if I'm going to do it at all.  I'm in good shape (although will need to be better if I'm going to do the trek I'm thinking about) but I'm not getting younger.

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