Saturday, November 22, 2014

Memory lane

Going back through the motorcycle trips I've made and trying to figure out what states I'd ridden in. Found a website called which makes a little map, so that was cool. Combined the two and came up with this. I'm not sure about Missouri as I feel like I might have ridden through a few years ago, and I may have hit a corner of Kentucky at one point, but I figured I'd try to stay on the conservative side.

Free, personalized travel maps at

Sort of fun to think about how many places I've ridden.


NotClauswitz said...

That's a lot of good ridin'! :-)

heresolong said...

I can honestly say that there isn't a mile I regret, and it adds up to something around 200,000. Hopefully there'll be many more.

Thanks for stopping by. I've been enjoying your blog.

Rebel Mississippi said...

This is cool - and great work with your blog! I'm just trying to get in touch but couldn't find your email - if you could send me a message when you get a chance that'd be great. Thanks

rebelmississippi at gmail

heresolong said...

Tyler, Thanks for the kind comments. You can reach me at heresolong at googlemail dot com. Shorten the googlemail, replace the at and the dot. Frustrating the lengths to which we have to go to give people our email address, isn't it?