Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm just so tired of this sh$t

Republicans can't seem to get it.  Before the new Congress has even been seated, before the ink is dry on Obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive order on amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, the House provides at least partial cover.

They can't even introduce and vote on a simple one page bill to highlight the fact that the President does not have the legal authority to grant legal status to five million illegal immigrants.  Instead the leadership has to play political trickery against their own side to instead pass a watered down version that may help the president make his legal arguments.  And they do it without telling their own members.

Seriously?  If there were nothing going on here, why wouldn't they provide a copy of the new bill to their members prior to the vote?  Why fail to mention that the bill had been substituted?  These are the same leaders that seem hell bent on passing a continuous resolution on spending that will take the budget issue and push it off for another year. 

We won!  Elections have consequences!  In January a Republican controlled House and Senate should get to debate and set priorities and work with the President to find common ground.  Instead a lame duck Congress is attempting to undermine their own parties ability to advance a conservative agenda.  Their own party. I could understand it if the Republicans were trying to forestall an incoming Democratic majority, or vice versa.  But this is Republicans undermining Republicans.  I just don't get it and I'm so tired of being involved and getting screwed over the second we have the slightest bit of success.

I don't have a Representative or Senator to call.  My Rep is Darcy Burner (lefty) and my Senators are Patty Murry and Maria Cantwell (lefty).  Nothing I say to them has any effect at all on how they vote.   So I guess I will send an email to John Boehner, for what that is worth.  Maybe if enough people contact him he will rethink his strategy here.

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