Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Observations on the national conversation

No, not that conversation.


More specifically, the Seahawks versus the Packers.  I feel the need to chime in given the substantial weight being thrown in on one side of the discussion.  Namely the idea that "the Seahawks didn't win, the Packers lost".  The comment that sparked this screed was that "the best team didn't win, the luckiest one did".

So let's analyze the game and see if the luckiest team or the best team won.

Item 1: The Seahawks turned over the ball five times.  Four interceptions by Russell Wilson, his worst game ever, college or professional, plus one fumble.  The Packers scored a total of 22 points against the Seahawks number 1 defense.

Item 2: The Packers were the number one offense in the league coming into the game.  The Seahawks defense held them to 22 points in spite of the Seahawks offense committing five turnovers.

Item 3: Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best quarterback in football and a shoe in for the Hall of Fame someday, had a passer rating of just 55.8 for the game.

Item 4: Everyone knows it isn't a good idea to test Richard Sherman.  But with an opportunity to score Aaron Rodgers made the decision to throw towards Sherman.  Sherman intercepted the ball in the end zone, preventing the touchdown.

Item 5: The Seahawks scored a touchdown on a perfectly executed fake field goal in the third quarter.  AJ Hawke, whose job it was to cover Gilliam, was left with the choice of leaving Gilliam open to cover Ryan running or give up the first down by staying with Gilliam.  There were no other Packer players outside to make a play.

Item 6: The Seahawks scored a touchdown on a 69 yard 7 play drive with  2:09 left in the game to make the score 19-14

Item 7: The Seahawks scored the go ahead touchdown with 1:25 left in the game on a beautiful 24 yard run by Marshawn Lynch.  The blocking was perfect, the run was typical Lynch.

Item 8: The Seahawks converted the two point conversion which resulted in Green Bay only being able to tie the game with their subsequent field goal.

Item 9: The Seahawks took the opening kickoff of overtime 87 yards in 6 plays to win the game, finishing with back to back 35 yard passing plays, one to Doug Baldwin at the Green Bay 35 and the second scoring pass to Jermaine Kearse for the touchdown.

On the flip side, what did Green Bay do to lose the game?

Item 1: Fumbled the on-side kick to allow Seattle to recover with 2:09 left in the game.

Item 2: Anyone?

Now you tell me.  Did the best team win or the luckiest? 

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