Sunday, February 15, 2015

Islamophobia? Maybe but...

Every time there is an Islamic attack against westerners, the media and the left immediately start wringing their hands about the possibility of "revenge" attacks.  They bemoan the Islamophobia of the common people, and they rush to condemn the wave of attacks against Muslims in the United States and Europe that "could" occur.

Problem is that the predicted attacks almost never actually happen.  This idea that Americans have an irrational hatred towards muslims and routinely act on it is garbage.  Even when there is an attack against muslims, attacks which make front page news and become the headlines, they are frequently found to have nothing to do with religion or race.  That news, however, is rarely reported.

Two new stories to keep an eye on.

One, muslim hating man kills muslim teenager with his car.

Two, North Carolina murders revive fears of Islamophobia.

So let's start by pointing out that in a nation of 350 million people there are now two instances of alleged Islamophobia leading to violence.  Not exactly a wave of anti-muslim terror.

Let's also mention that there's a good chance, based on past history of the media jumping to unsupported and unwarranted conclusions (remember the Duke rape case anyone?), that at least one of these will turn out to have nothing to do with Islamophobia.

But even if they are, the general condemnation of these acts by the vast majority of Americans puts the lie to the idea that American is Islamophobic.  Meanwhile, in the month of January muslims killed 3998 people in jihad and Islamic inspired attacks around the world. 

Any idea what a "phobia' is?  An unreasoned and illogical fear.  Given the constant barrage of attacks by muslims in the name of Jihad and Allah, I don't know that being concerned about Islam qualifies as a phobia.

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