Friday, March 20, 2015

Vinyl Memories

Not Clauswitz posted about heading out to look at (purchase?) an old receiver, high quality sound, the kind he couldn't afford back in the day.

Made me start thinking about vinyl records and this is the comment I posted.  Thought you might enjoy it so copied it over here.

I still have a box full of vinyl.  I can barely lift it and half of them are warped due to being in the box for so long.  It is also, not coincidentally, a box full of memories of my teen years, so there it sits.

Fisher direct drive turntable sits in a box nearby.  Occasionally I set it all up, play some records, marvel at the full, rich sound, then pack it all away again when I realize that it's been two months since I played a record.

So much easier, if less fulfilling, to plug the iPod into the surround sound and listen to one of the eight or nine hundred albums stored there.  No cleaning off the dust first, no flipping the record mid-play, no scratching or warping.

I do miss (in a "those were the days but I really don't want to go back" way) taking a record out of its sleeve and sitting and listening to it, scratches and all.

To this day I still can't listen to Trooper's Two for the Show without expecting there to be a little skip midway through the title song.  That skip is embedded in my central nervous system.

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NotClauswitz said...

Thank-you for that comment! The memories of my teens are mainly poignant at this stage. You certainty hit it on the head with, “those were the days but I really don’t want to go back” - like a hammer to the thumb! :-)