Sunday, May 17, 2015

Film camera fail

Dug my old Contax 139 Quartz out of it's water proof, shock resistant, Pelican camera case a few months ago.  Took some pictures of the birds feeding from the feeder in my apple tree. Some of them came out pretty decent but clearly I was out of practice.  Enjoyed taking pictures so walked around town and took some pictures of the local scenery.

Not particularly artistic (but it has been twenty years or so) but 1) the worst house I passed in my walk and 2) the type of fence/gate I think I want at my house.


the rest of the roll looked like this.

Doh.  I've got a light leak in my camera.  Apparently this is fairly common as the rubber seals break down over time.  Apparently it is fixable but the process is fiddly.

Replacing light seals on your SLR camera

Happily they have a set just for my camera with adhesive already attached so I don't have to deal with glue.

Ordered and we shall see.  I hope I can get this fixed because I already bought some new filters for B&W photography in anticipation of my trip to Utah this summer.

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